jeff_stoneJeff Stone has over 15 year’s field experience in the Environmental Drilling Industry with hands on knowledge of DPT, HSA and Sonic drilling methods including but not limited to soil and groundwater sampling, soil vapor sampling, monitoring well installation and in-situ remediation. During this time he has been successful working for Local, National and Multi-National drilling firms performing duties ranging from Drilling Helper, Lead Driller, Project Manager, Drilling Manager and Business Development.




Geoprobe Model 7822DT

+ Innovative GH64 Percussion Hammer

  • Advanced “Modular Percussion Power Cell Technology
  • Unique Two-Speed Bi-Directional Rotation for:
    • Surface Pavement Coring
    • Down-Hole Rock Coring
  • Integrated V-Block Pull Systems

+ Advanced Machine Capabilities

  • Hollow StemAugur System with Hydraulic Swing cylider for quick HSA setup
  • Reliable Geotechnical Auto Drop Hammer System
  • New Advanced Control Panel w/Integrated Self Diagnostics System

+ Cutting Edge Chassis Design

  • Frame Rail System
  • Rear Stabilizer Blade and Drop Rack Tooling Systems
  • Maneuvered with Wireless or Tethered Remote Systems
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Quick Connect Stations



geoprobe_5410Geoprobe Model 5410

+ Truck Mounted Drilling Unit

  • Shallow Depth Drilling
  • Descreet Water Sampling
  • Injections