Geoprobe Model 7822DT

+ Innovative GH64 Percussion Hammer

  • Advanced “Modular Percussion Power Cell Technology
  • Unique Two-Speed Bi-Directional Rotation for:
    • Surface Pavement Coring
    • Down-Hole Rock Coring
  • Integrated V-Block Pull Systems

+ Advanced Machine Capabilities

  • Hollow StemAugur System with Hydraulic Swing cylider for quick HSA setup
  • Reliable Geotechnical Auto Drop Hammer System
  • New Advanced Control Panel w/Integrated Self Diagnostics System

+ Cutting Edge Chassis Design

  • Frame Rail System
  • Rear Stabilizer Blade and Drop Rack Tooling Systems
  • Maneuvered with Wireless or Tethered Remote Systems
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Quick Connect Stations